Sharad Purnima is a harvest festival which is also known as Kojagiri Purnima, Kojagari and Kumar Purnima. The festival has its own significance in Hindu culture. The story behind this celebration is that, once a king fell on evil days and his wife performed this fast with a night vigil which helped them to regain their wealth.

It is said that whoever performed this ritual with a night watch, Goddess Lakshmi will give them the wealth. On this day moon and earth are very close to each other, and they have healing properties for body and soul.

This is celebrated around September-October when the days are warmer and nights are cooler, which marks the end of monsoon. Worshiping of the moon this Purnima is called Kaumudi celebrations. Newlywed women perform this Kojagiri Puja and observe a rigorous fast. This Sharad Purnima falls on October 15, 2016.

Mahurat for Sharad Purnima: Moonrise: 17:49 Puja Tithi Begins: 13:25 on October 15, 2016, Puja Tithi Ends: 9:53 on October 16, 2016

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On this occasion, women after their bath wear new clothes and make Kheer offer their prayers to the sun. In the evening they again make their offerings when the moon rises. Devotees prepare kheer, and that is kept under moonlight, and next day it is distributed as Prasad.

The festival is celebrated with great zeal and vigour. It’s a festival for girls, they sing and dance on special nature like songs “kuanra punei jahna go”. Many games have been played and one of a kind of game is known as Puchi Khela. The reason behind celebrating this festival is to evident the love between two souls. The celebration begins with Ras Lila of Lord Krishna and Gopis.

Families play cards, sing songs, drink sweet milk, and also many other special programs take place. May Goddess Lakshmi bless each and everyone on this auspicious occasion.