Facebook hosted a classic event named “A Place to Connect” in New Delhi. The social networking giant made some announcements that were India specific. The announcements were related to the Facebook Lite as well as the local camera effects. The company also engaged in community efforts. It presented several products and services offered by Facebook.

The Reactions feature will soon roll out to the Facebook Lite feature. This is the lightweight app offered by Facebook for the Android users. India usually faces the lack of proper and reliable Internet connection, and for this reason, this app optimized the Indian users. The Facebook Reactions had launched Angry, Haha, Wow, Love, and Sad effects. These were launched last year. The company claims that these effects are very famous in India. These were used as many as 300 billion times on various Facebook posts.

Facebook also announced the launch of the feature named Facebook Camera. This will be for both the Messenger as well as in the main app. This is an India-specific camera with specialized effects. Facebook claimed that it would roll out the camera effects in India soon enough. This will include the Namaste effect as well. This will be aimed at certain cities like New Delhi, Goa, Mumbai and other popular locations in India.

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India is a very important country to Facebook. This was stated by the company. Facebook is proud to have more than 184 million active users in India. Several users use Facebook for connecting with the friends and family. It can create supportive communities, both online and offline.

At the event in New Delhi, the company also revealed several products. These included Facebook Lite, Facebook Live, Oculus, 360 Photos, Instagram, Check, WhatsApp to the users. All of these will offer services to the users.