Google is one of the largest IT giants of the world. Recently, It has started to make some hardware also. These include many smartphones and now the headphones. It is through the Federal Communication Commission that we come to know about different things. It even supports listings with pictures. Now, we have seen the listings about the Google’s headphones. This listing proves that FCC is so much resourceful that it gives the listings of things which are in blues.

This time FCC has released the pictures of these headphones showing their both sides. The model number of these headphones is GID5B. These headphones can support Bluetooth and 3.5mm headphone jack. These also have active noise cancellation function. The user manual gives a clue to their international release as these fulfill the European Union’s Requirements.

If we delve deep into the details, we find that these headphones have thick ear pads. There is a USB type-C port to support charging. A 3.5mm audio jack is there at the side. The cable for this port is of a high standard and may not be compatible with some devices. There is nothing stated about their support for simultaneous audio streams over Bluetooth or wired connection. It is also not clear whether these will support voice commands for Google Assistant or not.

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Coming to the box, we will find headphones along with their carrying pouch. There is also a manual, a 3.5mm audio jack cable, and a simple USB charging cable. These headphones also have the ability to connect with an Android through changing Bluetooth ID. The headphones have 40mm dynamic drivers, 32 ohms of resistance, and a frequency ranging between 12Hz to 20KHz. A 600mAh battery is also there to boost their power. They have a sensitivity of 100 decibels which is 98% correct.

FCC mentions nothing about their price and release date. But, from pictures, these seem ready. These prime featured headphones will launch soon. The price of these headphones may also be high.