Google is one of the largest app developers in the world. The Android operating system is also a Google’s operating system. One good thing about Google is that it keeps its apps updated. Google team is always working on the developments of new apps as well as an addition of new features in the pre-existing apps. Google maps are also one of those apps which are regularly updated. A recent update to this app has added a very interesting feature to it.

A person using any smart device is able to save his parking location. Earlier, Google maps helped people in traveling, but now it will aid both the traveling and parking. This update is useful for drivers who use to park their cars in busy parking. In an official statement, the company says that it will not only tell you where are you going but will help you remember your parking location.

Using this app is not difficult. There are some simple steps to follow. The first step is to save your location. This can be done through the opening app, tapping on blue dot, and saving parking location. The next step is to open your parking card and add some additional parking details. There is also the facility of adding an image of the parking spot. All these details with images can be shared with friends and family members.

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This feature of sharing location is very useful for tracking purpose. But this tracking would be possible with the permission of sharing person. This app will work same both for android users and iOS users. An additional feature that iOS users will enjoy is the auto detect feature. But for this, the device should be connected with the vehicle through Bluetooth.

This app is quite ready to launch for Android users. The iOS users have to wait for some days to receive it on their devices.