After rolling out the cellular 4G network, reportedly Reliance Jio is planning to launch its Jio fiber service by the end of June this year. Reliance Jio has brought telecom revolution in the Indian market. Its user base increased massively due to its free and attractive plans. This new step is surely an alarming for all competitors who are in the broadband business.

As per the reports, the company has already tested this service in selected cities. These trials are successful, and Jio may soon go for commercial rollout on the wider scale. As per the sources, the company may go live publicly in around two months. The company has promised to provide high- speed broadband internet at the affordable cost.

The company is expected to launch various services like home automation and other security solutions as well.

Further reports suggest that company is planning to realize the network to give minimum 100 Mbps speed. The sources said that Jio’s packs will start from 100 Mbps and will provide the most reasonably priced packs that users have ever got in India.

Jio’s Fibre service is based on IoT technology which is to be executed on a large scale. Through this advanced network, users will able to drive and control the electronic devices installed in their homes.  As said earlier, the FTTH service comes with added feature which will support the bunch of home solutions. You can control the whole FTTH network via your smartphone. It’s really very amazing. By installing some plugins, users can transform their electronics devices into smart products.

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Further reports add that its Fibre home entertainment pack will come with service like HD TV, Jio cloud and Video on demand. The company will feature with landline phone service as well.

Reportedly, the service will also include JioMedia share device, smart set top box, routers and PLC devices. The company has tested this service in few selected cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.

If we recall, a few months back ACT Fibrenet has declared to launch 1Gbps wired broadband service in Hyderabad. The price of 1Gpbs plan is Rs.5, 999 per month.  In order to implement its FTTH service, it will invest around Rs. 100 crore.

Yesterday while announcing its annual results, the company also talked about its FTTH service plans. They said that “we’ll continue to roll out Fibre to the Home services on the wider scale. We have already initiated beta test in few cities.  We’ll expand the scope of the beta test over the coming months.”.