Our solar system consists of 9 planets of which the Earth is the only planet with life on it. Mars is also another planet of the solar system which is identical to Earth due to its environment. Scientists are of the view that the Red Planet seems to have life on it at some time in the past. After observing the pictures taken from NASA, scientists believe that there are remains of some trees and water on this planet.

Recently, an image taken by Curiosity rover is published on YouTube showing the signs of some trees on Mars. NASA has released a picture same like that in March which showed a tree stump of about 3 feet height. This stump supports the view of scientists of the presence of life on Mars.

NASA also considers Mars like Earth before a solar explosion devastated it. Moreover, the images were taken at different times on Mars also give enough proofs of the existence of life on it. In some pictures, there are lakes and other water reservoirs visible that are surrounding the little trees. Alien hunters and NASA are of the view that existence of trees on the planet is a clue to the presence of water on it. Five or six images are proving this speculation true.

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The existence of lakes and rivers on Mars is also a clue towards the existence of marine life on the planet. But one thing surprising is whether this water is in liquid form or ice form because it looks like icy form from the images. NASA says that existence of life would be sure if the existence of liquid water is proved on Mars. It is also thought that the planet was once rich with liquid water. This water evaporated with the passage of time due to the extreme heat of the solar explosion hitting it.