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ISRO successfully test fires new Scramjet Rocket engine


The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has successfully tested yet another revolutionary technology. The premier space research agency of the country has successfully conducted a test flight of the latest scramjet engine. This new engine has the potential to become the most cost efficient mode of space transport.

Test Details

The test was performed on Sunday at Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Andhra Pradesh. The trial involved two of the new scramjet engines. Those were attached to ISRO’s Rohini RH-560 rocket. The scramjet engines were fired up after 55 seconds of the launch as the rocket approached a height of 11 km. The new engines ran for a total duration of six seconds.

What is Scramjet?

Scramjet or Supersonic Combusting Ramjet is an innovative rocket technology in which the atmospheric oxygen is used for the burning process in the engine. They are actually air-breathing jet engines which are able to perform this type of combustion even at supersonic velocities. In fact, the high-velocity air is used for the compression process which saves the energy needed for additional machine compressing.

Cost of the test

By successfully testing the scramjet engines, ISRO has once again put India beside the world leaders in Space technology. India is the fourth country to possess the new type of rocket engines. The total cost of the making the innovative engine was around Rs.35 crores. The test conducted on Sunday had a full cost of Rs.3 crores.

Future of the new Technology

The scramjet technology is expected to bring a new horizon in the ratio between the weight of a rocket engine and the load it carries. This is achievable due to the reason that it has to carry much less amount of liquid Oxygen than current generation rockets as it is capable of utilizing the Oxygen found in the Earth’s atmosphere. The rocket needs to carry only the comparatively light hydrogen fuel and only the amount of Oxygen required for out of atmosphere flights.

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