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Microsoft: Skype can be used for Identity authentication using Aadhaar database


Bengaluru: the Microsoft India chairman Mr. Bhaskar Paramanik told PTI that Microsoft had presented various case scenarios to the central government authorities on the usage of its Skype services for identity identification using the Aadhaar database.

“We have presented various case scenarios on how Skype can be used. We already support iris authentication on Windows 10, and now it depends on them how they want to proceed”, he told PTI.

He further added that people could use Skype to authenticate their identity for accessing those services that require authentication based on Aadhaar data.

He informed that Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is having discussions with the handset manufacturers and providers of operating system to implant the identification technology in their devices to help the people in authenticating their Aadhaar biometrics on the phone to avail various schemes, services, and subsidies given by the government.

He, however, did not give comments on the proceedings of the meeting as none of the company representatives were present at the meeting.

He talked about the strategic importance of the Indian market and backed this giving example. He told that as India has talent, innovation and is a great market, so the company is actively working with the government t to contribute to the Digital India Mission and transforming India.

Andhra Pradesh is facing a problem of high rates of school dropouts so the company has partnered with the state government to roll out a plan for solving the issue using data analytics and helping the teachers to make better decisions and reduce the dropout rates.

He further added that the same been discussed with other states too and Punjab has already signed up for the project.

Microsoft is also running a project that helps farmers by notifying them through SMS about the best time to sow the seeds and s that they can get the best yield.

The company is focusing on other key areas like cloud and has partnered with PwC and PwC will become Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider thus helping Microsoft to reach all organizations and companies of all sizes in India.

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