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Watch: Priyanka Chopra downs Tequila shot on ‘The Ellen Show’


I think we all were waiting for this after Priyanka Chopra’s success with Quantico and her journey In Hollywood!!! Ellen DeGeneres interviewing Priyanka Chopra! isn’t it amazing and exciting to see both the personalities together on the same platform. After appearing in ‘Jimmy Fallon’s Show’ and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, this time Priyanka Chopra appeared on ‘The Ellen Show’ where she courageously took the tequila shots and then the interview happened exactly as intended by the makers,which is as crazy as Ellen is.

Priyanka Chopra who has acclaimed her fame internationally with Quantico, an American TV series, didn’t think twice before gulping tequila shots. Ellen DeGeneres invites this Bollywood actress to her show ‘The Ellen Show ‘and given her these shots to which the beauty took without any hesitation.

When Priyanka had her shots, she said thank you to Ellen as the interview will go smooth now. To which quirky Ellen said that it’s good and will be their tradition now. She further added that, whenever Priyanka will talk to Ellen or anyone associated with Ellen or their show, they have to start with a shot of tequila.

After Ellen’s statement, Priyanka added her own experience which she had during Emmy’s. She started believing that it’s an American thing, as when she was at the Emmy’s, it happened again with her. She was given tequila which convinced her that, American Red Carpets always starts with tequila.

When DeGeneres added that, Americans do drink a lot; Priyanka also admitted that, Indians also, drinks a lot.

Inquisitive Ellen asked Priyanka, about the kind of drinks Indians do! Well for Priyanka, its Red wine, as it is elegant and appropriate to say on the show, which airs twice a day in India.

Priyanka further tells Ellen about her experience working in an American show, that it was difficult for her to pronounce her name but, the role is powerful and when you break the door and say FBI, FBI, it really feels good and that’s the part she enjoyed the most during Quantico.

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