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Diabetic woman gives birth to 6-kg baby in Hyderabad


HYDERABAD: In what is described as an uncommon occurrence, a diabetic mother gave birth to a six kg male child at Niloufer Hospital, Hyderabad on September 4, 2016. The weight of a standard newborn baby varies from 2.5 kg to 3.5 kg. In diabetic mothers, this can range from 3.5 kg to 4 kg. However, 6 kg is a rarity.

Shabana Begum, the expectant mother, was warned that it would not be a standard delivery and the doctors took all precautions before the baby was born by caesarean operation. The doctors expected the baby to weigh 5kg after performing scanning but to their surprise, the baby weighed 6 kg. Both the mother and the child have been kept under observation.

Diabetic mothers usually have extra weight babies because more glucose from the blood of the mother gets supplied to the fetus. This was stated by Dr. Malchuru Satyavathi, assistant professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Niloufer Hospital.

The assistant professor said that there are chances for the newborn to develop diabetes, and it could be avoided by taking precautions.

Diabetic Woman has higher risks

Pregnant women with diabetes have four times increased the risk of giving babies with a birth defect as compared to healthy women. One in 13 babies is born with the ladies suffering from Type I and Type II diabetes and such babies could suffer from severe birth defects like heart ailments and spina bifida. Such women must seek advice for healthy glucose controls first.

Monitoring Important

Women with diabetes who want to start a family must ask for help to monitor their blood glucose levels to minimize the risk. However, a vast majority of pregnancies in diabetic mothers do not involve birth defects. With expert help before and during pregnancy, diabetic mothers will have a healthy baby.

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