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‘Hyper’ Telugu movie review: Gets mixed response from audience


Telugu movie “Hyper” starring Ram Potheineni and Rashi Khanna is getting mixed response at the box office. The movie directed by Santosh Sriniwas is a romantic action movie with a good element of humor.

This mass movie conveys a social message while entertaining the audience. The movie is based on the extreme love a son has for his father and can go to any extent to make him happy.

The father son bond depicted in the movie attracts the audience and brings some freshness to the routine story of corruption. The screenplay looks a bit away from real; however there are twists in the movie that keeps the entertainment on.

The first half has action, comedy, romance and full on commercial entertainment but the narration at times become slow and movie appears to be dragging at some places. Corruption is an old concept and has been repeated since years in movies but the crux of the movie this time is the father-son love intensity.

‘Hyper’ movie audience reactions:

The movie has two twists one before interval and second on in the later half that breaks the predictability and dullness of the plot. Romance between the lead actors Ram and Rashi acts as catalyst to the movie and the couple depicts a wonderful on screen chemistry.

Lead actor Ram has tried to push away his image of lover boy and comic hero as he tries to fit as a mass action hero and he has done decent job to get in that image. He shows himself in a real ‘hyper’ mode with power-packed dialogues and action scenes. Sathyaraja, the ‘Kattppa’ of “Bahubaali” has done a magnificent job as he plays the character of an elderly man sharing a sensitive bond with his son.

Rao Ramesh plays the corrupt minister with ‘hyper’ negativity in character. Lead actress Rashi can be called more of a showpiece in the movie and doesn’t do much but just romances and matches footsteps with the hero on the heavy-bass tracks by Ghibran.

Despite the clichéd screenplay and old plot the movie successfully attracts the audience as with regular romance, action and comedy sequences the movie has some message to convey with a novelty.

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