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‘Ishqbaaaz’ spoiler alert and updates: Tia will try to harm Anika


‘Ishqbaaaz’ though raging high on TRP’s, is somewhere getting stuck with its daily drama and build up. Yet we can’t stop loving these three brothers and their respective love interests. In the latest episode, Anika and Rudra went to the hotel where Tia is present.

They both check few rooms, and from one of the rooms, they can hear Tia’s voice, “go slow, not so fast,” they both simply bumped in the room to catch Tia red handed but much to their surprise they saw Tia on the spa bed and is enjoying her therapy.

Tia notices Rudra, and there is a slight tension wondering what Rudra is doing here. Anika and Rudra feel guilty of doubting Tia as she was saying the truth to Shivaye and tries to run from there so as to not get noticed by Tia.

Rudra asks Anika to call Om to not to come here to which Anika said that her phone battery is dead and they heard Tia coming closer to them, and they both ran in different directions. Anika hides in a room. Meanwhile, Om was in his way when a car stops in front of his auto.

Rudra, on the other hand got hit by something and faints whereas Anika caught in the sauna room and suddenly there was a smoke in the room, Anika had no clue from where it is coming but she couldn’t find a way to run from there as the door was locked and she faints there.

Tia warns a guy, that Rudra is here, and that he should leave. ACP Ranveer stops his car in front of Om and asks him some questions to which he gave a straight face reply and walked away from there to join Rudra and Anika.

Rudra came back to his senses and start searching for Anika, during which Om also reached there and they both tries to search Anika.

Shivaye came there and asked them, why both of them are here in the spa, they said not two, it’s three. Anika is also with them and she is lost, they can’t find her. Shivaye panicked and the trio starts their search.

After the buildup, Tia asked Anika that why she was there, to which Anika replied that she has seen Tia with another guy on Karva Chauth!

Though the serial is going slow but doesn’t stop to amaze us.

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