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‘Yeh Hai Mohabatein’August 31, 2016 full episode; Ishita exits from Bhalla house


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is a popular soap opera that broadcasts on Star Plus at 7 pm and repeat telecast is at 11 pm. It is the story of Ruhi and her Ishima, which eventually leads to Ruhi’s father Raman Bhalla and their neighbor Ishita Iyer to get married to each other, and finally they fall in love. After the birth of Pihu, daughter of Ishita and Raman, the pair was separated, and the show took a leap of 8 years.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 30th August 2016

The episode starts with Aaliya fuming over the fact that Mihir did not like her present, so she calls Adi to meet her at a restaurant. Adi informs her that there is a meeting as well, and both of them decides it would be good that they can have their meeting and get to spend some quality time with each other.

In the next scene, Raman sees Ishita entering the restaurant while he is feeding food to Pihu. She sits on the next table and smiles at him. At the same time, Adi and Aaliya enter the restaurant and starts looking for a table. They find Ishita sitting on the table and joins her. They also spot Raman on the next table and smiles at the cute couple who are out on a date.

While the trio is discussing, Mihir, enter the food joint and start looking for Adi. He spots both Raman and Ishita at a different table and joins the group. He asks Ishita that it will take him 5 minutes to finish his presentation and after that, they can have a fun dinner. But then Ishita find the headphone with Mihir and looks at Aaliya who is smiling. She decides to get out of the restaurant, but they force her to stay back.

The scene shifts to Ishita changing her cloth and thinking about the headphone. Raman enters the room and says sorry for spoiling the date. She says she will forgive him if they take the challenge of Beat Pe Booty.

Next morning as Raman is preparing for the father-daughter cooking competition Pihu ask him to sign the paper. She wants to earn money and get away from Ishita and stay with Shagun. Raman gets angry and as he raises his hand to slap her, Shagun enters and scold him for taking such a harsh step. Pihu asks her father that if Ishita is thrown out of the house, she will not go with Shagun.

Ishita agrees and starts packing her bag. Raman tries to reason with her, but she does not listen as she wants to keep her daughter happy.

Stay tuned for the next episode update.

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