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‘Teen Mom 2‚Äô star Jenelle Evans and boyfriend David Eason denied entry at VMA


Teen Mom 2‘ star Jenelle Evans walked the red carpet at the VMAs with David Eason. The very much in love couple made their first appearance after announcing to the world that they are expecting a girl in January. But this time she is in the news not regarding her pregnancy but because her boyfriend was not allowed to enter the event.

The 24-year-old star got her start with ‘16 & Pregnant‘, and it has been six years since she got her first episode aired on MTV. According to insiders she had spent a weekend to prepare for the VMAs while sharing journey on the social media. But after walking the red carpet things did not turn out as the couple had hoped.

Reports indicate that the couple was denied entry to the VMAs. As confirmed she did have a ticket for the event, but Eason did not have one. But when asked by media, the soon to be mom denied the rumor.

What was the issue?

It seems that the two ticket that the couple was carrying belonged to Evans and her mom Barbara. But Barbara was home with her grandson Jace instead. After being denied access Evans tried to claim that Eason was someone from the team, but the management still did not allow them.

The issue was that VMA was not open to all the MTV stars, and she did not inform the management that the father of her third child was coming as a date. Since the story got leaked out the couple has been trolled on social media on why they did not stick around for the show.

But to make the best of the situation, just after some time she posted that she ended up having dinner with someone who plans to help her out. But according to insiders these reports are false as the guy she met was not who he says he is.

Controversy Child

The problem started when a photo circulated of Evans giving MTV the middle finger after her boyfriend was denied entry to the function. Even though she denies that the finger was pointed at MTV but the truth remains that it is the only network she is associated with.

Currently, the young mom is filming for ‘Teen Mom 2′¬†where she will share how she found out that she was pregnant. In the upcoming season, there will be lot more of David Eason as well. For now, the fans are interested to know how well they can deal with this pregnancy and will the relationship survive this time.

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