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Navya Naveli replies to grandfather Amitabh Bachchan’s letter


Big B’s letter to granddaughters Navya and Aradhya: worked as a promotional tool for ‘PinK.'

Amitabh Bachchan recently wrote a letter addressing his granddaughters Navya Naveli Nanda and Aradhaya Bachchan and mentioning it all young girls. In his letter, he wrote that a girl should never allow anyone other than her to make choices for her and it is only she who should decide her preferences in the light of wisdom.

The letter very much captures the essence of his latest movie ‘Pink’ and has worked as a great promotional tool for the movie.

The letter has undoubtedly taught the valuable lessons of life to the young girls but has evoked a curiosity as to why Mr. Bachchan wrote the letter at this time when a movie with similar issues was releasing and whether it was deliberate attempt to promote the movie in a different way.

Replying to such queries the 73-year-old star told how the idea to write the letter came. He told that during promotion and interviews they were asked what Pink is all about and described Pink without disclosing the storyline was not possible and as it was a thriller they could not disclose the story line before release, so the co-producer Shoojit Sircar gave the idea to write this letter containing essence of the movie ‘Pink’. This way the movie could be promoted well without revealing the story line.

Big B feels that the idea has worked and the letter did serve as a good promotional device for the movie. But he further added that promotional activity is a wide term, and the letter was an emotional address to all young daughters and granddaughters to which his granddaughter reacted promptly.

He told that Navya replied that she would follow his words in the letter and also that his daughter Shweta told him that the letter was very impactful and taught her daughter what she was trying to convey to her for so many years.

The Movie Pink that raises questions against the prejudices, labels of honor and shame attachéd to women was released last week and has got a fantastic response from the audience

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