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‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi’ Oct 7 episode written updates: Sonakshi and Dev honeymoon


Sony Tv's “Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi”: Sonakshi trying hard to impress Dadi Bhua

Sony Entertainment Television serial “Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi” aired at 9:30 PM on week days is giving audience a high dose of entertainment but seems to be turning towards a typical ‘saas – bahu’ drama.

Yesterday’s episode started with Sonakshi serving the food for completing another ritual of first meal by the new bride. But as Sonakshi doesn’t know how to cook, this food was cooked by Ishwaari. Dadi Bhua asks her few questions regarding the way she cooked that food and Sonakshi is able to give correct answers.

Dadi Bhua seems to be satisfied while eating the food but expresses her feelings to Ishwaari and Sonakshi later that she knew the food was cooked by Ishwaari and not Sonakshi. She warns Ishwaari to be strict with her new daughter in law.

Dadi asks Sonakshi to get ready early morning next day at 5:00Am for ‘Tulsi Pooja’ and despite Ishwaari allowing her to miss the ritual Sonakshi agrees to learn the ‘Pooja vidhi’ and expresses her happiness to be part of this important ritual.

Sonakshi goes to her room and finds Dev waiting for her and Dev apologizes to her for not realizing the importance of self respect her parents have. Dev and Sonakshi are having loving talks and Ishwaari comes to give a letter to Dev but returns after she hears the naughty words coming from newlyweds room.

She asks her daughter to give the letter to Dev and also tells her to ask Sonakshi to sleep with her sister in laws as she as has to get up early and this should not disturb Dev while sleeping.

Dev feels disappointed but Sonakshi takes his leave for the night and sleeps with her sister in laws. Dadi Bhua again creates a scene in morning as Sonakshi is wearing slipper while carrying ‘Ganga Jal’ for the ‘Pooja’.

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