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‘Big Boss 10’ latest episode updates: Swamiji in pool with Mona Lisa


As it is said, that you go inside this house with your wish but coming outside from this, is not in your hands. Big Boss season 10 has started with a bang, and with each passing days the show is becoming interesting for viewers to watch, but the situation for housemates is getting difficult to cope up with the task and its pressure. In between the

In between the chaos there is one person who has maintained his graph of entertainment over past two weeks that is, Om Swami who is trying his level best to keep everyone on their toes with his kind of entertainment.

Well, he seems to have fun with celebrity contestant Mona Lisa by taking a dip into the swimming pool with her. When he saw Mona Lisa swimming, he didn’t think twice before jumping in the pool and he jumped in it in his same saffron attire. Swamiji learnt a few dance moves from Mona Lisa and joyously dance with her.

Other housemates, Manu and Manveer don’t appreciate Swamiji’sbehaviourr and will grill him for the same. To which Swamiji, as usual has a perfect reply by defending himself that he is trying to encourage Mona Lisa and she is like his daughter. Manoj (Mannu) gets really jealous and ask Mona Lisa to come out of the pool when Swamiji started saying, ‘Devi ki jai ho’.

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This will not stop Swamiji as he again pick up another fight with Lopa, as she overhears a conversation which Swamiji was having with Big Boss. He was petrified that Lopa will reveal his secrets so he threatens her again to which Lopa had a perfect reply to him as to mind his own business and he has no right to speak like that with her.

But, really will this stop Om Swami and his weird attitude towards other housemates!!! The show is getting interesting day by day.


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