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‘Ek Rishta Sajhe Daari Ka’ Oct 4 full episode written updates: Aryaan and Sanchi in love


Ek Rishta Sajhe Daari Ka”: Love is all around Aryaan and Sanchi as families starts preparations for their marriage

Indian society believes that marriage does not only bring two individuals together but also joins two families and Sony Entertainment Television show “Ek Rishta Sajhedaari Ka” aired at 8:30 Pm on weekdays explores the same feeling.

Aryaan and Sanchi the leading pair of the serial is soon going to tie a nuptial knot together, and nowadays wedding preparations are on in both families. The drama shows two super-wealthy households ‘Mittal’ and ‘Sethia’ and out of which the boy’s family (Sethia) is facing a financial crunch due to heavy loss in business.

During this hard time their soon to be ‘Samadhi’ somehow gets to know that and offers financial help to the would-be relatives (head of Sethia family) who very reluctantly and hesitantly accepts the money but gives property papers as a mortgage.

Yesterday’s episode showed while Sanchi and Arya are in full romance and they come emotionally nearer during their phone talks, on the other hand, the family is busy making arrangements for marriage. Aryaan overhears talks between his parents and feels guilty to know that Diwaker sold the plot he gifted to his wife for arranging money for the wedding.

Sanchi falls from the bed as she dreams of Aryaan and Tanu tells the same to Aryaan also.

Aryaan’s family asks him to stop going to the office till marriage and enjoy few left days of his bachelorhood. Both families are sending invitation cards to relatives.

While Prabhat is worried about the marriage budget, his wife and children feel assured that Diwaker will manage everything and plan for extravagant marriage.

The groom’s family has somehow managed the finances for the wedding but this show off of wealth and extravaganza may lead to some interesting twists and turns in the serial and may be some misunderstandings also as the precap showed that Diwaker would scold Prabhat as he didn’t call the agent for 35 flight tickets and due to this they are incurring a loss of one lakh rupees. Diwaker will also ask Prabhat to work properly.


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