The court has issued a non-bailable warrant against former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni and drug lord Vijaygiri. There is a 2,000 crore drug bust case against the two.

Officers who are investigating the case have evidence against them. They will file a charge sheet on the basis of that evidence. Vijaygiri and Mamta Kulkarni are absconding from the time their names have come up in the drug case.

H.M. Patwardhan who led the special court issued the non-bailable warrants on Monday.

Shishir Hiray sought the warrant. Hiray is a special public prosecutor who told the court against Vijaygiri and Mamta Kulkarni. He said that they had enough evidence against Vijaygiri and Mamta Kulkarni for involving in the drug cartel.

In one of the confessions made by an accused arrested person, both Vijaygiri and Kulkarni are the main people involved in the drug cartel. They used to buy raw material of ephedrine in India, and then used to transport in Kenya for manufacturing methamphetamine. Both the accused are involved in the entire process.

The arrested accused are Kishore Singh Rathod and Jai Mukhi. They told the investigators about a deal that happened in a Kenya in a hotel room. Among those who were involved in the deal were Mamta Kulkarni, Manoj Jain, Akasha brothers, Abdullah, Jai Mukhi and an ex-director of a pharmaceutical company.

The investigating officers have call records, technical evidence and several other details that the arrested accused revealed to them, Hiray told the court.

One of the arrested accused, Kishore Singh Rathod is the son of a former Congress MLA of Gujarat. Kishore said that the accused were planning to make the actress Avon Life Sciences Pvt Ltd’s director.

Police made regular visits to Vijaygiri and Mamta’s house. During their investigation, they recorded statements of people who knew them. A case diary was produced in the court by Hiray who finally managed to get warrants against them.

The Drug Enforcement Agency of United States had conducted a sting operation. Vijaygiri, Baktash Akasha, Ibrahim Akasha and Gulam Husein were arrested. The Akasha brothers and their family have been into the business of drugs for many years. Vijaygiri is in the custody of United States. The remaining three have been deported from Kenya to the US. Mamta is on the run. Some international and domestic lawyers negated Mamta’s involvement in the drug case in September last year.