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Video: Glittering Isha Ambani Femina photoshoot gets 2,574,904 views


Isha Ambani recently did a comprehensive photo shoot for the Femina magazine. Isha’s image appeared on the front cover of the popular magazine in early 2016. The video available on YouTube features the behind the scene events of the entire photo shoot featuring Isha Ambani.

Running over one minute and 50 seconds, we can see a smiling Isha Ambani. The first two frames look exactly like her father. After that, the makeup person makes few adjustments to her hair while she watches some other stuff with a big smile. You can then view the person responsible for her makeup doing some finishing work on her lips. He was also seen touching her lips.

Isha Ambani mesmerizing beauty behind the scenes

We can her big footwear with her lovely legs. She was seen touching a rod on the backside. Meanwhile, several people were seen watching her actions with a smile. While she holds her hands on the rod, her makeup man turns back. Isha really looks great when viewed from a certain distance.

Isha was then seen interacting and walking with several persons. She changed her dress to a dark pink color and her makeup person did some adjustments to her hair. She appears on the backdrop of a huge conference room. She also changes her footwear from black to white.

Isha Ambani checks her photo deeply

After a capture of few images, Isha viewed them inside the camera to see how it looks. Isha then changes her attire to an entirely new dress. You have to watch the video view it. It really looks awesome. While she smiles, her hair flies. It was a real treat to watch.

Isha also captured few images by sitting with her glittering green footwear. She was seen sitting on a red chair with a suit type dress. She then waves her hand and walks down the stairs to her home.

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