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Reliance Jio 4G: Where to buy? Tariff plans, offers and services on


The launch and pre-launch stories of Reliance Jio 4G have been many and monumental. The prolonged trial period not only made huge controversies but also made users to long for cheap mobile data. It was launched on 1st September and is now available in all outlets since Monday, the 5th of September.

The availability is quite wide and getting a SIM card is quite simple. Login to

Getting and activating a Reliance Jio SIM:

Availing a SIM and the services is quite simple. It may require some effort queueing up outside the stores, but that’s a different story.

The steps are:

  • Fill the form
  • Submit the documents
  • Get the SIM and wait for activation

Carrying an Aadhar card may speed up the eKYC process and the services will be activated sooner.

Jio plans:

The biggest part of all the news surrounding this bit is how cheap the services are, and the voice calls even with national roaming are free.

The lowest monthly prepaid plan is for Rs. 149. This includes 300MB 4G data for a month during the day, 700MB on the JioNet nationwide WiFi and free unlimited data at night. The Reliance Jio Apps and services will also be available for free until December 2017.

Here is a comparison of 3G and 4G prepaid plans of Jio and other major networks:

Compatible Phones:

Jio uses 4G network supported only by VoLTE phones for calls. This means older models with only LTE will not work. The JioJoin app helps the LTE users with this, but the full experience can only be gained with VoLTE phones.
The Mukesh Ambani led company has also joined hands with the likes of Samsung and Asus to get this bit rolling faster.

Apps and services:
Pushing its apps and other services has been a major part of this parade by the company. In an attempt to do the same, Jio apps and services have been made free until December 2017.


This may well be a glorified term for hotspots that all the phones these days have. But, a hotspot from a Jio phone will give 4G access to other devices that do not support 4G or do not have VoLTE.

Overall the entire setup of Reliance Jio is to create an exquisite user experience and get the users ‘hooked’ on to it. Whether or not it is sustainable in the long run, is only for time to tell.

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