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Nita Ambani promises support to Pichavai art through Reliance Foundation


Ms. Nita Ambani who is the Chairperson of Reliance Foundation said that the foundation would help 400-year-old art form called Pichavai. It is one of the ancient styles of art painting images of Lord Krishna on cloth. The Reliance Foundation has also decided to support over 100 artists from Nathdwara, Rajasthan.

More than 100 artists have been commissioned to make the unique Pichavai paintings which will be doled out as corporate gifts by the company during Diwali. Ms. Nita Ambani was in Ahmadabad to interact with a group of Pichavai painters.

The artists have already made more than 700 paintings for the foundation. Pichavai in Sanskrit means back and hanging, was introduced to the West at the Chicago art museum. They are called Pichchvai because they are placed behind Lord Krishna’s statues in temples.

Nita said that the paintings have been received very well in America and much appreciated. Hence the Foundation wants to spread the awareness about this beautiful art to others and extends support.

The artists have been entrusted the responsibility to make such paintings for the Corporate Headquarters of Reliance Industry, its offices, hospitals and convention center being built in Mumbai. Nita Ambani said that her close-knit Ambani families are all devotees of Lord Krishna, and this is also one of the factors which motivated this endeavor. However, the foundation will try to support all art forms.

The Pichavai is one of the oldest forms of practicing art. It is done by the people living in and around Nathdwara. Nathdwara is famous for its Lord Shrinathji temple and more than 100 families who are continuing the tradition of Pichavai paintings. The Reliance Foundation is helping these families to preserve their century old traditions. A Pichavai painting sells for about Rs.7000 to Rs. 9000 in the market.

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