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MyGov portal offers contract jobs for Indian citizens


MyGov Platform offers contractual Government Jobs for various disciplines
The Government of India has started a brand new initiative to engage talented citizens in doing government works. Any Indian citizen can list their capabilities and wait to be selected for doing a job of their specialization. As of now, there are 12 different job categories officially available at the MyGov platform. With the new scheme, the Indian Government aims to start a new level of government-citizen involvement for the benefits of the country.

Want to work for Government?

The job offerings at the MyGov platform comes with a tagline of “Want to work for Government”. The upcoming employment initiative is targeted to use capable individuals to manage the digital presence of the Government of India. This includes designing logos and writing taglines for different national schemes.

Some people employed through MyGov will be needed to run the social media pages of various government sectors. Some individuals will also be required for contributing to some national policies.

To apply for your desired job, you need to apply with your resume on the MyGov website. A total of 12 different departments is available which range from Editorial Writers, software developers, graphic designers, digital content script writers, senior management, social media experts to researchers, data scientists, video editors, advertising professionals, academic experts and app developers.

The qualifications required officially vary from PhDs, Master Degree holders, and Graduates. Having a good amount of working experience in a particular field of work can also land you a job. The Government targets to build a massive database using the job resumes received through MyGov platform.

This database will be stored internally and will be utilized as soon as there is any vacancy in any job discipline.

Just been launched for a little over two years, the MyGov platform has gained over 3.6 million registered members. Till now, 514 tasks have been listed in MyGov which received over 1.8 lakhs submissions.

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