There are many facts and theories behind the dinosaur’s living and body structure. Many of the major things are still not highlighted about the dinosaur. Here is the whole new theory come in front about the dinosaur’s flesh’s tissues. The researchers now found the new laser technique by which the tissue of dinosaur can be more cleared for the future study on them. The new study published in the journal Nature Communications reports tells that the scientist is now able to find about the soft tissue which will tell that how small father did the dinosaurs birds have.

The study gets highlighted with the facts come in front by the study done by the team in China in which the team members searches more about the fossils of feathered dinosaur ‘Anchiornis’ which is as similar as a chicken today. The team found that those creatures also have the birds like traits similar leg shape as the modern soaring and gliding birds have today.

The new laser method to evaluate the tissue of dinosaur’s fossils is called as Laser- stimulated fluorescence (LSF). In this method, the fossils of dinosaur are seen by the laser in a dark room which helps the researcher to find more about the tissues in muscles. This gives the researchers a better picture of the tissues in fossils. Before this, the facts about the Anchiornis was not much cleared. Some scientist takes it as a bird and many other neglects with the facts as there was not appearances in front of them before.

After the study, it is much cleared to the scientist that Anchiornis is much similar to the modern birds and also have the structure like it. The researchers now found that Anchiornis was also covered with feathers are was a bird. It is still not cleared that being a bird Anchiornis can fly or not as they have much smaller wings. The co- leader of the study Xiaoli Wang who is the paleontologist at the Linyi University in China says,”Some scientists believe it could glide based on the long, robust and feathered arms- wings- it has, but other disagree because its flight feathers are not well designed for flight.”

Well, the study is now highlighted certain facts about Anchiornis which are not revealed till now. The team had done the study of four different species and now looking forward to the other one. Many facts are still under the veil about dinosaur as the researchers only have the teeth bone structure which fights not tell about all the facts. The study gives facts that tell that the dinosaur is birds which have drumstick legs and scaly feet as well.

The researchers told that they had studied the thin ridge of the skin which makes them know that how the dinosaur turns into birds and adopt several changes. The study still needs to have many strong facts by which the results will become much clear to all. Stay tuned with us for more updates and feeds like this.

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