History never stops to amaze us, and so does constant revelations by scientists that keeps us on toe about what has been done and what will happen in future!

Who cares for present than!!! Few Russian scientists have found a mysterious site which is located on a remote island of Russian Territory. This site is more than 960 kilometres from the North Pole as per the reports by The Sun.

It was set up in 1942; a year after Adolf Hitler invaded the Soviet Union. There was a military outpost on Alexandra land which was christened “Treasure Hunter” or “Schatzgraber”. This island has a value of producing weather reports which was important and strategically vital for both the sides during World War II.

Whatever information was produced by this, it was very important for the equipment and movement of the troops which were in the frozen north of the USSR. The information is true as there was brutal Russian winter in that year which causes German advance to halt in the snow. The other reason why this island was more important because of the potential sites which are capable of producing polar weather reports were held by the Allies in that region.

But the reports suggest that Nazis might have a secret mission which is to search ancient artifacts or mythical treasure trove.

The base has been established on barren, rocky isle by detachment of soldiers dropped off during on the island during that year. Men were resupplied by air drops till the time the base was suddenly evacuated in 1944. Those outpost inhabitants, who have had polar bear meat contaminated with roundworms, were poisoned that year.

The base was abandoned, and the survivors were rescued by a German U-boat. Until 1990, there was no such presence on that island, after the fall of Soviet Union. Finally, the location of Nazi Base is discovered by Russian scientists after more than 70 years.

Patrol Cans, shells, rusted bullets have been found in the rocky isle. More than 500 items have been recovered from the site including some kind of papers which were preserved in this intense cold. Russia will establish a military base on Alexandra Land.

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