Akshaya Tritiya is also known as the “Akha Teej” will be celebrated today (on 28th April this year in 2017). Akshaya Tritiya is considered to be a highly auspicious festival for the Hindus all around. It is regarded as the most favorable day for starting anything new in life. Be it a business venture or the start of a newly married life, Akshaya Tritiya has its immense importance in Hinduism. This day is regarded auspicious for purchasing gold jewelry as well. It is supposed to bring wealth and prosperity to one’s household.

This is not everything! The occasion of Akshaya Tritiya is much greater than just religious and cultural significance. Read more to know about this auspicious day of the year.

Religious Significance of Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya is a Sanskrit term which implies “eternal”. Tritiya is another Sanskrit term that implies “third day”. When combined, the importance of this day is that it coincides on the 3rd day of the lunar fortnight of the month of the Hindus known as the “Vaisakh”. On the religious front, it is believed that the holy rituals, acts, and rites of charity are to be done on this auspicious day. When done with the right intent and pure heart, these actions will bring wealth, prosperity, unending bliss and grace to the entire family. The great significance of this occasion dates back to the Hindu mythology.

Here are the popular beliefs that are linked to the significance of this day:

  • It is believed the sacred the Ganges River came down on Earth from the Heaven this day.
  • “Treta Yug” –the period of the Holy Ramayana, commenced on this day.
  • The day when the worshiped Sage Parshuram –6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu was born.
  • Ved Vyasa started the recitation of the Holy Mahabharata in front Lord Ganesha.
  • The God of Wealth and the treasurer Lord Kubera who prayed to Goddess Lakshmi was granted the gift of immense wealth and prosperity.
Colorful Hindu wedding ritual in India

Significance for the Couples

Several Hindu marriages take place on this special day of Akshaya Tritiya. As per a popular legend of the South Indians, Goddess Madhura married God Sundaresa (incarnation of Lord Shiva) on the very day. Therefore, it is believed that the couples who are married on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya are embraced with never-ending bliss and prosperity in their married life. They are blessed by the heavenly gods themselves. On the eve of Akshaya Tritiya, all corners of India witness the unprecedented rush of marriages all around. There is advance booking made from months to have the best lavish wedding on this day.

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The importance of the day rises from the fact that the Moon and the Sun are in the most glowing and radiant phase. Astrologically, this is considered to be an exalted location. It is supposed in India that the couples even with non-matching horoscopes can eliminate all the negative influences from their live by being married on this day.

In several states across India, the mass marriages in communities are held on the occasion of Akha Teej. This helps the brides, as well as the grooms who have limited financial budget for marrying, have a decent marriage and to get the blessings of the gods and goddesses.

Significance of Gold Shopping

It is a common sight to observe all the jewelry shops and showrooms packed with the gold buyers on the eve of the Akshaya Tritiya. It is considered as highly auspicious to buy gold in any form on this day. As the term Akshaya implies eternal -something that is indestructible, it is considered to be fortunate to bring home gold. This activity attracts the inflow of more money and prosperity into the homes of individuals. For those who are not financially sufficient to buy gold jewelry every year on this day can go for buying gold coins that come with the engraving of Goddess Lakshmi (The Goddess of wealth and prosperity) on top of them.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya holds a deep meaning and importance in the lives of the Hindus. If you are planning out to start something new, then tomorrow is the perfect day to commence your new journey. May God bless each one of you on this auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya!