Book autos directly on Facebook via Jugnoo Bot


On Tuesday, Jugnoo, the auto rickshaw aggregator, rolls out the Jugnoo Bot for Facebook users, enabling them to book their ride through Facebook Messenger, Facebook page or Jugnoo’s website.

The advantage of the Jugnoo Bot is that it eliminates the need to create and login into Jugnoo account separately, instead, it automatically authenticates the users via their Facebook Login details. Through this bot, users can simply book a ride either by clicking on ‘Book-a-Ride’ option or by typing a text message in Facebook Messenger.

Once the option to ride has been selected, the AI engine of Jugnoo detects the user’s ride location and notifies nearby multiple locations to pick from. The FB Messenger location button is another way of sharing your location to Jugnoo. The users then receive the ETA and fare details from the Jugnoo Bot. Once you have confirmed the ride, the bot will assign a driver and provide you with the driver details which includes name, phone number, vehicle number, and a driver picture. Jugnoo Bot also provides with real-time tracking of the ride by users.

“There are many people who like to keep their mobile phones clutter-free and just keep some basic apps. Jugnoo Bot is for such people, where they can easily book autos using their Facebook account, making the process more conversational,” said Samar Singla, Founder and CEO of Jugnoo in an emailed statement.

He further added that bots aren’t replacing the apps but will work as an additional channel and will reach out to customers not using an iOS or Android platforms.

The chatbot was developed with the help of a US-based firm, Fugu,which specializes in AI to understand and respond to user requests.

Founded in 2014, Jugnoo is a Chandigarh-based startup having 10,000 autos on board its network and receives around 30,000 daily requests.

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