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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Updates: Vidyut Comes To Bhalla House And Everyone Greets Him


The episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts when Aaliya entered the kitchen in search of food and found unhealthy food there. She saw the kitchen messed up and dirty, she cleans the kitchen and threw overbooked food into the dustbin. Shagun came and saw this all, she argues with Aaliya. Ishita came there and asked her that she wants to talk to her. Ishita asked Shagun that Pihu is scared, she thinks everyone will leave her.

Shagun asked Ishita to leave but Ishita asked her to move straight as even her kids will leave her. Mihika was waiting for Romi in the car, she came out and saw him with a girl. They both started arguing. Adi was with an accountant and was discussing currency. Aaliya called him and asked him to meet her. Adi moved inside and found the room vacant. Ishita was with Raman and he asked her what happened? She said that she is thinking about Pihu, just then Pihu came there and started telling about her show.

Raman and Ishita were happy to see Pihu friendly with them both. Raman said this is not fair, she didn’t love me. Raman asked Ishita to love him. He asked his gets relief with her. Raman said he was missing these moments since one year. Ishita said they should thank Vidyut for this all. Raman said he is coming for dinner. Ishita gets surprised. Raman said everyone will go fine with him.

Romi and Mihika entered in the house with heating arguments. Aaliya also entered the room and said she waiting for Adi since last half an hour. Everyone was shocked to see the two couples fighting.

Adi said Aaliya creeps him all the time. Everyone was under heating arguments and Vidyut entered the house and saw the mess. Raman made everyone quite and all females moved inside to get ready. All men greeted Vidyut. Raman asked Romi to get water for Vidyut. Vidyut asked where are Ishita and other females? Toshi Ji came with some shiny outfit and introduced herself as Raman’s mother.

After that, all women came out with a fresh outfit. Simi introduced herself with Vidyut. Mihika bought coffee for Vidyut. Raman was angry Ishita and asked what is this happening? The melodrama was quite funny at that moment. Stay tuned for more updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and others.

PRECAP: Mrs. Iyer will come to Bhalla house and will see Vidyut Sahay there. She will get surprised and will react to much weird.

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