In the last episode of Kasam Tere Pyar Ki, we had seen that Bani and Malaika were insulting Tanuja and says that they will not let her save Rishi’s family. Bani then asks Malaika to tear down the papers. Malaika does the same and throws the papers on Tanuja’s face. She says that she will not let her spend life with Rishi so easily. Tanuja looks on at this. On the other side, Rishi reaches to the police station and was tensed for the family.

Rishi thinks that Tanuja had told him to take her complaint back so why don’t she come till now. Tanuja on the other side gets angry on Malaika and Bani. She takes a wood rod and starts beating Malaika badly. She tells Malaika that she will not leave her like this. She tells that she can do anything for Rishi and his family and no one can make her away from Rishi. Bani gets shocked to see Tanuja in much anger.

Rano was badly beaten up in the jail and Rishi tries to save her. Manpreet was also beaten up badly. Then Rishi’s lawyer comes and shows some papers to the inspector. He tells that they can’t imprison them like this as it will not justify according to law. Then Rishi makes Rano and Manpreet free from the jail. Rishi takes them out and thinks about Tanuja. Tanuja was going to the police station but can’t talk to Rishi as her phone have no network.

Rishi takes everyone from the police station. Tanuja then reaches to the police station and the inspector tells her that Rishi had bailed Rano and Manpreet. Tanuja tells the inspector that her grandmother had lied to them as she wants to take revenge from her in-laws. In the car, Rano gets conscious and starts badmouthing against Tanuja. Rishi thinks on at this and then gets tensed when Rano starts taking a deep breath.

In today’s episode of Kasam Tere Pyar Ki, we are going to see that Rishi takes Rano and Manpreet to the hospital. They all will become more tensed for Rano’s condition. Later Tanuja will also reach to the hospital and will ask about Rano’s condition. Rishi will taunt her badly and will insult her in front of everyone. He will say that Beeji had told him correct that whom we love and trust much that person betrays us. Now it will be interesting to see that will Tanuja can prove herself innocent or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and feeds of Kasam Tere Pyar Ki like this.

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