In a recent move, it is claimed something about the WhatsApp group administrators. It is that they are not responsible for the content posted by the members of the group. The judgment follows an attempt for giving responsibility on the group admin. There have been several arrests made of the administrators so far. They were held responsible for the objectionable content posted on WhatsApp group. With this move, the judgment might bring some positive effects.

The Delhi High Court Ruling on 2016

There was a case of Suresh Chaudhary and Ashish Bhalla. In this, the group administrators were considered responsible for some controversial post on the group. The Delhi Court said that the WhatsApp admin would not be held responsible for the posts made on the group. It is not like without the permission of the admin; the members will not post anything bad. The Delhi High Court has observed that holding the admin responsible for such content was of no use. It was like making the producer of a newspaper giving out bad content as responsible.

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One more argument has not been discussed. It is that the admin has failed to remove the members making such posts. This was because the argument was not pleaded formally. Everyone is looking forward to the final decision. It is about court imposing restrictions on the group admin under different situations. This could be when the post is considered to be illegal patently. The admin will have then the liability to remove the particular member from the group.

Administrators have Limited Control Over Group Posts

There is only one possible control that the administrator has. He or she can remove the members from it. There are certain problems with this kind of obligation.

This is high time to take a strict action against the issues related to illegal posting on the social media.