After withdrawing support from BlackBerry devices, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp plans to ditch its Windows app on some older versions of Windows Phone. However, the firm isn’t completely ignoring the Microsoft devices as it has rolled out a new update to its Windows app that enables users to share pdf files and trimmed videos.

The update is not available for users having a Windows Phone 7.8 device. Also, the company stated that for continuing the services these users are requested to upgrade their handsets by the end of this year. As the firm announced last month that it will drop support for Windows 7.8, Symbian, and BlackBerry OS at the end of 2016.

After installing WhatsApp v2.12.344, the users will get amazing features including video trimming that allows cut-short a video clip before sharing it with the friends. The inclusion of such feature is in line with another similar feature that WhatsApp added to its app recently.

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Previously, the company added the ability to compress the size of video files in order to preserve the bandwidth. The combination of compressing and trimming facility is expected to be wonderful video file sharing experience for the users.

Meanwhile, the document files sharing service is also added in the app, which is, as of now, only capable of sharing pdf files. Recently, the feature was introduced in its Android app as well.

The company has confirmed that it will soon expand the support to other document file type as well in a future update.