Good news for all Nokia fans as the company is planning to launch their mobiles in India by the end of June. HMD Global, which makes the mobile phones under the Brand name Nokia, is planning to rebuild the strong market. Nokia was the undisputed leader in India a few years back. Now they are looking the same presence here by launching offline retail shops.

The India Vice President, Ajay Mehta said that we are planning to launch with 400 distributors. We want them to reach every corner of the country. The company will open 300 service center in order to provide best and quick service.

Further, he added that we are looking forward to opening the brand store. But we’ll analyze scale of the business in India before opening these brand store.

Nokia is planning to launch both feature and smartphone in the Indian market. In the first phase, the company will launch 3 smartphones and one feature phone. The feature phone is the rebuild of the Iconic 3310. Smartphones will use Android operating system powered by Google.

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Mehta further added that since we have partnered with Google, so users will receive all latest software updates. These all models will arrive in Indian market at the end of June.

Mehta said that we are targeting to grow the portfolio and want to have existence across the price sections. Further, he clarifies that our smartphones will not be the cheapest in the market. We will compare the price against another competitor. After this analysis, we will tag the price as per the value and experience we offer.

The company has started studying the market. As per them the Indian people still remember this great brand. As per the reports, it has got 95% brands awareness in the market. People still recall this brand very easily. This makes them feel confident and a big comeback in the Indian market.