Are you a group admin on either WhatsApp or Facebook group, then here is an alert news for you. A single offensive post on your group might end you up in jail. There is a new rule for this event released by the District Magistrate of Varanasi. Under the new government guidelines, the new rule has come across the country.  The group administrator of any social group can be out to jail upon the posting of an offensive post in the group.

Varanasi District Magistrate Yogeshwar Ram Mishra and the Police Superintendent Nitin Tiwari have issued this order. It claims that a FIR could be filed against the group admin if the post on his or her group is not legible. The following parameters would decide the reliability of the post:

  • The post should not be factually incorrect
  • The post should not be a rumor or misleading
  • The post should not create tension or riots
  • The post should not initiate communal riots

This order has been issued to curb the transfer of fake news and rumors on the social media. It will also eliminate the occurrence of fake images, disturbing images, and videos.

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The order claims that the group admin will be responsible for any such post on the group. As a result, strict action will take place against the group admin. In a case of disturbing post, the users can report the same to the nearest police station.

The group admin should add only close ones to the WhatsApp or Facebook groups. If post posted by any group members is incorrect, the group member should do the following:

  • Remove or delete the post from the group
  • Remove the particular group member

A case will be registered against the group admin. This will be under the cyber-crime law and Information Technology Act. Also, an Indian Penal Code will be filed in the case of any violation of the guidelines. The orders of the Supreme Court and the high courts will be final while taking action.

The social media has several fake news and doctored images. It is high time for stricter actions against the same. So if you are a group admin, be careful to include members of your group. This will prevent fake news and images on the social platform.