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Facebook copies Snapchat again, integrates Discover feature


t has been a year full of controversies for Facebook. With the numerous changes that the social media platform has gone through and the number of acquirements it has made – all appear to be major changes for the company. The online-networking platform has even gone through significant and harsh criticism.

One of the chief would be their move to accidentally remove the iconic Vietnam War girl photo. Another major goof-up is their unintentional spread of fake news during the US elections. The company sure has gone through a lot. But during this process, they have also been accused of sharing similarities with yet another social media giant – Snapchat.

Now recent reports suggest that the company is at it again. If rumours are believed to be true, the social media giant is currently on working a new feature which will provide users with the access to a list of published content directly from the publishers through their very own News Feed section.

“The feature called ‘Collections’ functions similarly to Snapchat’s Discover section, showcasing news stories, videos and the company is reportedly asking publishers to create more content,” a report published by Mashables read.

This new speculated feature that Facebook is planning on adding is quite similar to Snapchat’s Discover feature. The latter grants users with the access to channels from top publishers who curate content daily.

“Facebook, which has 1.8 billion users as told early ‘Collections’ partners that the content they create will be inserted directly into the News Feed, effectively giving them direct and potentially much broader access to the social network’s vast audience,” the report further added.

What remains to be seen is whether the latest move will work in Facebook’s favour to add to its popularity.

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