In the last episode of The Voice India 3, we had seen that the show starts with much excitement and fun. All the four judges had told that they are much excited for the show. Neeti Mohan, Shaan, Benny and Salim Merchant was all set to grab the amazing talent on the show. The judges say that they were very excited and energetic as well. Later on, the performances starts and the judges get surprised to hear many magical voices.

A girl name Shilpa Surroch was sing brilliantly and make the judges surprise with her amazing voice. Judges were much impressed by her singing and style and start making her agree to join their respective team. Later Shilpa Surroch joins Benny’s team. Benny can’t stop himself and sings the song with the girl. The show had got many great singers like Krunal was just amazing in his singing. He made the stage rock with his voice.


So far the list of selective contestants are as follow:

  • Benny’s Team- Krunal and Shilpa
  • Salim’s Team- Parakhjeet, Paras, and Yashodhan
  • Neeti’s team- Mohd Danish and Sameer
  • Shaan’s Team- Neha and Meghana

The concept of the show was just amazing to capture and this had steal everyone’s heart away. They all are very amazing and the amazing kind of talent they are getting, in the beginning, is the sign that how much success will the show going to get in its 3rd season as well. Now it is in the limelight that how the judges will impress the judges and how they will get their amazing voices.

In today’s episode of The Voice India 3, we are going to see more amazing singers who will share their feelings, love, and show their amazing skills to the judges as well. They will get surprised to see the amazing talented contestants. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of The Voice India 3 like this.

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