In the last episode of Big Boss 10, we had seen that Monalisa gets the clothes send by her boyfriend. She then tells Manu that she was not much happy to see the clothes. Mona tells Manu that she will not go to wear those clothes. Later on, Mona and Manu talks about Mona’s boyfriend. On the other side, Bani and Gaurav talk to each other about the nomination task and gets in arguing then. Gaurav leaves in anger from there.

Mona then cries and says that she don’t want to be in the house. Manu then seems to talk to Rohan and Lopamudra about Maveer. He tells them that Nitibha is using Manveer but he was taking this all lightly. In the bathroom, Priyanka feeds Swami Om against Manveer and ask him that he should not react or talk to them.

Next morning, everyone wakes up with great joy and energy. Swami Om then appeal to the auditions to make Manu and Manveer out of the house. Manveer and Mona then speak ill about Swami Om. Later on, Big Boss announces the three contestants gets the most popular title and will get to see something about themselves. Rohan goes first to the booth and gets the message from Hina Khan.

Later on, Manveer goes to the booth and was shocked to hear Bani J and Gaurav Chopra was talking about his and Monalisa’s relation. Manveer gets much angry by this and scolds Bani J. He taunts her for being with Jason when he came to this house. Monalisa also was shocked to know this and gets angry on Gaurav. Manu then shouts on everyone and console Monalisa. Monalisa cries badly and Priyanka comment about her. Manu asks Priyanka to be quite but Swami Om defends her. Manu then threatens Swami Om that he will kill him.

Later on, Monalisa goes to the booth and gets the message from her boyfriend. She was shocked to hear the message and cries. Later the nomination starts and contestants show their hate for each other. Then, Gaurav Chopra, Bani J, and Monalisa gets nominated for the eviction. This was quite shocking for the whole house. After this at night, Monalisa was talking to Manu about her boyfriend.

Priyanka was saying to Nitibha that Mona should now maintain distance from Manu but she was not doing this. Later Bani tells Priyanka about her relationship and says that she knows her boundaries well.

In today’s episode, we are going to see a big turn in the house when the contestants will get a task. They will have to write a letter to each and in the team about their feelings. Bani J will play with Gaurav Chopra and Nitibha will play with Manveer Gujjar. Rohan and Lopamudra will be seen together playing the game. The show will get a lovely change but with a twist. Swami Om and Priyanka will get a task in which they have to snatch the letters from the couples. Swami Om will get in a fight with Rohan and then break the bathroom’s door. Big Boss will then get angry at this and will scold Swami Om badly. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Big Boss 10 like this.

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