In the last episode of Master Chef India, we had seen that the contestants will go to Sydney, Australia for the next round. The contestants that how much they was curious for the next round. As Kirti had to get the ticket to Finale and her chef coat hence she will compete in the Finale. Mirvaan, Dinesh, Samantha, Anagha, Ashima.  Then the judges tell about the challenge. They then welcome the superstar and the judge of Master Chef Australia, Mitte Preston. All the contestants get surprised to see him there.

Mitte Preston then tells that he like Indian dishes. He asks them to open up the mystery boxes. They get surprised to see the Australia ingredients and Indian ingredients as well. They get 1 hour to make one dish. Mirvaan tells about his dish. Ashima tells that she was going to make a dessert. Samantha tells about her dish and judges ask her to focus on time. Then they finish their dish and present it to the judges.

Mitte Preston was happy with Mirvaan’s dish. Then Ashima comes with her dish and the judges appreciate her dish. Then Anika comes with her dish and tells about her dish. Mitte tastes her dish and says that the ingredients she used were not that much impressing. Then Samantha presents her dish and judges taste it. Mike Preston likes her dish but says that there was something missing.

At the last Dinesh gets his dish and tells about his dish. Dinesh gets happy when the judges praise his dish. Judges praise him well. Then the judges call two contestants whom dish are brilliant Ashima and Dinesh. Dinesh then gets his chef coat and goes straight forward to Finale. Now the contestants get 30 dollars for next round. Judges tell them that they need to buy the ingredients and to make the dish in 2 hours.

Then the contestants rush to the market and Mirvaan uses his bargaining skills. Later Anagha comes to the desk first and starts cooking. Then Mirvaan and Samantha come after her. Ashima takes 40 minutes in shopping and gets nervous. Later on, they all starts preparing their dish and finish it on time.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that who will get the chef court and will become the part of the finale. Later the show will be carried on Sydney’s biggest cricket ground. Today Matthew Hayden who is a famous cricketer will join the show. The competition will go to be tougher and it will be also very interesting to see that who will win the Master Chef India title today. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Master Chef India like this.

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