In the last episode of Master Chef India, we had seen that fight between the three candidates for the ticket of the finale. Contestants tell that they were amazingly excited and was equally tensed as well. Then the judges announce about the task to Kirti, Dinesh, and Mirvaan. They all are excited and then they all three goes to see their secret ingredient. They all lift the box and gets shocked to see the plate empty.

Then the judges announce that they have to make any special dish related to their life. All the contestants will get more excited to think and starts making the dishes. All of them gets 75 minutes for their task. They all three run to get the ingredient. Dinesh tells that he will make Semi Fraser. Kirti tells that she will go to make Iron cake. Mirvaan says that he is going to make seafood.

Then the judges come to meet Nirbhan and ask that what was he going to make. Mirvaan tells them about his dish. All the contestants work hard. Then the judges wish Kirti. Then the judges announce that they have only 15 minutes. Then the judges ask them to bring their dishes. Judges announce that Dinesh had gone closer to a ticket to the finale. Judges then announce Kirti and Dinesh will compete for the ticket to the finale.

Later on, judges announce another challenge to Kirti and Dinesh. Then the supreme chef Vikas Khana’s dish gets to the show for the challenge. Vikas Khana introduces his dish Yaadein. Contestants get much excited and tensed to know the difficult dish. They get 2hours and 30 minutes for the dish. They all rush to get the ingredients and work hard. The competition ends with Kirti’s victory. She gets the cheque of Rs. 1 Lakh and she shared that she was very happy.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that how the rest 5 contestants will compete hard with each other in Sydney Australia. All the contestants will be seen to have a great fun and will do many struggles to win the competition. Mr. Mike Preston will join the show today. They all will struggle to make their dish fine and right. The competition will be going to be much tough. So don’t miss to watch the show today and stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Master Chef India.

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