In the last episode of Zindagi Ki Mahek, we had seen that Ravi ask Khanna to drink with him but Kanta manages him. Mahek and Shaurya get tensed to see the situation. Then Khanna slaps Ravi and Shaurya gets angry on Khanna. Shaurya gets angrier and Sameer tells about the whole situation and apologizes to everyone. Mansi comes and manages Ravi. Shaurya gets angry on Vaitlana and scolds Khanna. Khanna speaks badly to Mahek’s family and Karona asks him to stop.

Vaitlana taunts at them and Shaurya taunts her. Mahek stops them all and says that fight is not a solution for this all. Vaitlana taunts on Mahek’s family but Shaurya defend them. He says that he will talk to them when the guests will leave. Vaitlana acts to be hurt and says that they had always insulted from Shaurya. Karona asks them to stop but Vaitlana taunts Shaurya saying that they had done much for him and he was taunting them back.

Vaitlana again speaks ill about Mahek’s family and Mahek feels embarrassed. Kanta asks them to stop and apologize to them. Vaitlana shouts at her and asks her to be silent. Vaitlana and Shaurya argue with each other. Mahek was the heart when Vaitlana says that their family has no match with Mahek’s family. Mahek apologize to them all and ask Kanta to leave. Shaurya looks on at them getting sad and helps Ravi and Jeevan to leave.

Vaitlana then smirks and gets glad by the incidence. Shaurya insists on dropping them to the house but Mahek neglects and leave from there. Shaurya cries and was badly hurt to see them going. Mahek’s family them came back to home and goes cryingly in her room. Pd ask them about the matter and Mansi tells them about the whole matter. Shaurya in his room was in much anger and recall Mahek’s words. Karona comes to manage him and assures him that they will go to talk to them. Shaurya says that he will go to talk to them. Mahek in her room was crying badly and recalling the whole incidence.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Mahek will be going for her job and Kanta ask her to take lunch. Mahek then stumbles and falls over Shaurya. She then will scold him for coming there and Jeevan gets tensed to hear this. The family members will gather there and gets tensed too. Mahek will say to Shaurya that they can’t be together when Shaurya will try to make her understand. Stay tuned with us for more updates and crispy gossips of Zindagi Ki Mahek like this.


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