Akshay Kumar is one actor who had always steered himself from controversies especially after becoming a family man. He is one person who rarely gets embroiled in anything uncivilized or bad. So when Khiladi Kumar in a breif video on October 6, 2016 came heavily on those who were demanding proofs for the surgical strikes, patriotic Indians at once hailed it as timely and correct.

I remember during the times of Kargil War when most actors were serving platitudes of patriotism on the National Television, Akshay Kumar in his soft-spoken manner hailed the Indian Jawan as the real Khiladi and said that his antics pales in comparison to the valor shown by Indian Army.

Reacting to the controversy, the actor chided people who asked for proofs and instead asked them to be more concerned with the welfare of the family members of the martyrs.

Even the highbrow actors like Om Puri, who is considered a mascot of parallel cinema or what is known as art films gave a statement which hardly deserved to come from a man of his stature. He said that every soldier is paid and knows that he will have to fight and sacrifice his life for the nation so what is a big deal.

Besides his acting skills, Om Puri is known to make scandalous statements in the past also when he talked about his liaisons with the fairer sex outside his marriage. He regularly features in most Pakistani Channels in various talk shows.

Karan Johar had talked about keeping politics away from Bollywood. Karan has his film scheduled for release, and it features Fawad Khan, the Pakistani actor. Not that he has much love for the Paki actor, it is only crass commercial interests which reign supreme in Bollywood and Karan Johar is no different.

Another big mouth Father –Son duo, Salman Khan, and Salim Khan find it hypocrisy to slam Pakistani actors. Remember “Ek Tha Tiger” where a RAW agent played by Salman Khan, who elopes with an ISI agent? So does he want to play this role in real life and protect the Pakistani actor?

After seeing the views of most Bollywood stars, Akshay’s clip comes as a whiff of fresh air.

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