Indian model cum actress, winner of Miss Bhopal Title in 2007 and Big Boss contestant Sara Khan gets into controversy yet again. After the Indian Surgical Strike “ignorance” incident! According to sources, the Bidaai girl was held by Pakistani officers. Till now the reason stands to be her extended stay in the country that violated her visa. The legal procedure branded her with six days of legal detention and fine. But she got away with the legal procedures after some paperwork.

When the Indian Film industry caught up with her about the incident to verify the fact behind the rumors, she lost her cool and labeled them to be total rubbish. Sara further went on with her justification explaining that she was asked to stay in her ‘5-star hotel’ and not in police custody.

She even went as far about use abusive language while asking for the source of such “baseless” rumors. She said that the extension of her stay was due to her flight issues and nothing she did on her own. Sara stayed back at the immigration office to get her NOC before returning to Mumbai.

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The funny part in the description given by her was when she said: “I was not detained, I was retained there”. She also added that the NOC comes from the ministry level. That’s a time-consuming process, and that’s why she had to stay there. She backed her up by stating that throughout her trip she was active on the social media, so the context of such rumors was completely baseless.

Sara who has starred in a Pakistani film before was shooting for a TV show there. This was her Debut in Pakistani TV shows. In the context of Sara’s acting passion, she has always stated that she always did all her roles with complete conviction whatever role it might be.

Sara considers it to be an honor to do her first Pakistani drama. She also said that unlike India, in Pakistan the dram and film industry aren’t differentiated, so she is very excited about her debut. Sara hails to be the first Indian actress to do a Pakistani TV show by top producer Sana Shah Nawaz and is directed by Aabid Raza. Only the coming days can foretell the genuineness of her debut.