It was surprising when Salman Khan Announced his next production venture in collaboration with Dharma Productions. And it was a bomb knowing that Akshay Kumar would be the hero. Shah Rukh Khan commented that this should have been done way before. Shah Rukh wanted to make a film with Akshay, but the story and all didn’t work out. He also said that Karan and Salman should be considered as individuals who are going to make the movie. It’s Dharma and SKF. They are two different identities. So, two big companies have come together to make a film with a big movie star.

In the film industry, more the collaboration, the better the movie. Current filmmakers lack the creative aspect adds Shah Rukh. As an actor, it makes sense to do difficult roles, and it doesn’t matter if he/she does her best.

Shah Rukh tweeted that, ‘Actors go for roles with possibility. Instead, an actor should choose the impossible & give it his/her best even if it means to fail trying it’. You’ll never know something unless you try it out. May it be a small decision or a big time collaboration.

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Shah Rukh also told that it is his dream to make a project based on the story of Mahabaratha. He wants it to go to international markets. The movie should be on the scale of Baahubali, or it should be the one that’s larger. Sources also reveal that even Aamir Khan has been bringing up the topic of mixed collaboration. Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Amir Khan, the three Khans could pull off an epic collaboration in making the Mahabaratha for the world to see.

Both SRK’s and Akshay’s projects are one of the highly anticipated films of the year. And both the films will be out on the Independence day weekend.