In the last episode of Sasural Simar Ka, we had seen that Vikram asking Anjali that why did she get breakfast in the room. Anjali says that she was afraid to go in front of Saroj so she gets the food there. They all then sit to have breakfast together and Saroj was waiting for them on the table. She asks for Vikram and gets sad to know as they don’t come. She leaves the food table. Simar on the other side tells Mata Ji that their Anjali is so lucky.

Saroj was tensed for Vikram and tries to talk to him when he came from his room. She asks Vikram that he actually takes her as the culprit and tries to make him understand. Vikram asks her to forget everything and leaves the office. Roshni was searching Piyush and Khushi tells her that Piyush was with Vadhai. Khushi asks her to be silent and ask her to support her plan. Everyone gathers for pooja and look for Piyush and Vadhai.

Khushi tells them that Piyush had gone to Vadhai’s room last night. Simar says that he might go to complete the work. Prem calls Piyush. Piyush and Vadhai wake up and gets tensed to see Prem’s call. Piyush lies to him and Vadhai asks her that he must not lie like this.  They go to Vadhai’s room and gets tensed to see Piyush there. Khushi allegations them and Simar asks her to be silent.

She badmouths against Vadhai and Piyush defends Vadhai. Roshni also blames Vadhai and Simar says that she wants Vadhai to stay here. Roshni gets sad at this and she cries. Prem asks them to shut up and they all leave from there. Mata Ji then tells that she wants Vadhai to stay here in the house and Prem warns Khushi. Vadhai cries and Simar ask Piyush to console her. Roshni gets angry and leaves crying. Khushi goes to console Roshni and says that she will separate Piyush and Vadhai.

In today’s episode we are going to see that Anjali will go to meet Atul and do her photo shoot. In the house, Vikram will get tensed for her and ask her to Saroj. Saroj will tell him that she had not come till now and gets more tensed. Later Anjali will come to the house in shots and they all gets surprised to see her hugging Atul. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Sasural Simar Ka like this.

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