Ranveer Singh is all famous for his fantastic energy and enthusiasm he has in himself. Ranveer had got much success without the support of any God Father in the Bollywood industry and become the role model for many. We had seen Ranveer in many characters till now. Now it is in updates that Ranveer Singh is going to do his debut in a television show. Before this, we had seen him in Star Plus, controversial reality show AIB.

There are many mediums to connect with peoples like tv shows cinema etc. Nowadays tv shows are considered more popular than the cinema. Many film stars come to promote their films in many tv shows. It has become very easy for filmstars to connect with people through tv shows.

Ranveer Singh which is known as one of the most famous or entertaining film stars of all time is going to make his debut in tv shows.Many other stars like Shahid Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor made their tv debut last year. Ranveer Singh which is known for his electric energy still does not make his tv debut but now he is going to do this.

Ranveer Singh reveals that he is dying to do television. He tells that he has all skills need for this. He also tells that he have been offered tv shows for the last 3 years. There are many television shows which Ranveer Singh refused to do because of many reasons like lack of time or mostly date issues but he tells that it’s definitely on his radar and its something that he is strongly considering.

Ranveer tells that he has been approached a variety of shows, have worked some of them are novel concept have worked internationally that peoples are trying to introduce in India. Ranveer Singh also approached to do some existing popular shows in television. At last Ranveer Singh tells that he is targeting 2018 to make his debut in televisions shows.

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