Buzznet got it right. It placed Beyonce in the first place as the most beautiful woman on the planet.  The second will surely make Indians proud and rightly so! It is the pretty Priyanka Chopra.


It has not been easy for Priyanka to reach the high place. She had left many beautiful women behind. Angelina Jolie, one of them, was ravishing even a few years ago. Alas, age caught up with her! As it surely will with Priyanka. But right now, it is time for celebration.

Who are the others whom Priyanka has triumphed over? Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Gigi Hadid, and Emma Stone, etc. Priyanka is graceful in her victory. She has thanked the voters and tactfully tweeted that she agreed that Beyonce is more beautiful than her.

Praise and Pay

Priyanka has been called Hollywood’s (Yes, Hollywood’s) most bankable star. Her pay on American Television exceeds that of all the others. It is going to be hard for someone to beat this.

Good-bye Bollywood

Call it her intuition or gut reaction, but she made the right move when she crossed 30. Bollywood is not kind to 30+s whereas Hollywood laps up them if they are beautiful.  And, nobody knew more than Priyanka that she is beautiful.

Atul Mohan, a reputed trade analyst, echoes this sentiment. He is all praise for Priyanka for realizing that her days in Bollywood were over as the main lead. She could only hope to be cast in selective roles in selective films. Priyanka consciously made a decision that would take her to highest of places. She ventured out to Hollywood, did some catchy shows and sang songs in English.

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Song Sung Blue

Her debut song “In My City” bombed, but Priyanka was not discouraged. The second, “Exotic” peaked at 12 on Billboard chart. You could not have imagined the second song by an unknown Indian would do that. But, that paved the way for Priyanka to move on to bigger things. It was a strategy that worked well.


Her popularity spread and the producers of the American Television series Quantico decided that Priyanka was good enough to play the lead. Her gritty portrayal of Alex Parrish who gets fired from FBI only to become a CIA agent was praised by one and all. She was awarded People’s Choice Award.

Hollywood Calls

Priyanka pairs with Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch. This makes her entry into Hollywood as a villain, no less! The movie releases on May 26. That is when you get to see the world’s second most beautiful woman on the big screen.