In the last episode of Naagin 2, we had seen that Rocky was angry with Shivangi and Rudra’s closeness and ask Shivangi that what was she talking about with him. Shivangi lies. Later on, Yamini comes between all and announces about Aaliyah and Rudra’s love. She then announces their engagement. Shivangi goes to talk to Rudra at night and Rocky hears them both. Shivangi ask Rudra not to marry Aaliyah but Rudra neglects.

Rocky gets angry at this and goes back without saying anything. Next morning, the celebration starts and Rocky’s friend tells him that he had seen Rudra with Shivangi. Rocky gets angrier at this and says that he will stop the engagement. He tries his best but was failed to stop the engagement. He gets angry and hurts his hand. Shivangi goes to caresses him. Later on, Shivangi signs Rudra to starts their plan and leaves.

Rudra changes in Yamini and insists Akhilesh go to the jungle behind him. Shivangi goes behind them as Naagin and tried to kill Akhilesh but was lose. He leaves and Shivangi gets shocked by this. Rocky confesses his love to Shivangi when she came back to home and Shivangi cries saying that she should not get attached to Rocky. Rocky leaves and Shesha goes to console him but Rocky scolds her.

Akhilesh goes to Yamini’s room in anger and tries to kill her but Yamini gets saved. She then asks Akhilesh that how he was protecting himself and Akhilesh ask her to go to Bhairnath temple. On the other side, Shivangi was in her room when Shesha comes to her as Rocky and give divorce papers. Shivangi gets to know that it was Shesha and tells the same to Rudra. She then asks Rudra to find the truth of Rudra soon. Yamini then goes to the cave with Akhilesh and Akhilesh turns in his real avatar there. He warns Yamini that she should get afraid from him and should remain silent.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Yamini and Shesha get doubt and says that there are two snakes. Yamini will tell Shesha that someone had tried to attack Akhilesh and they will have to find the truth. Later on, Kapalika will do the black magic on Shivangi and she will turn into ichadhari again. Yamini and Shesha will get shocked to know her real identity and thinks on. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Naagin 2 like this.

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