The Mummy series is getting rebooted, with Tom Cruise (Nick Morton) as the protagonist. The plot is that Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) along with Vail (played by Jake Johnson) discovers a tomb, but it turned out to be a prison and the mummy imprisoned was Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella). She was supposed to the next queen of Egypt, but her thirst for power led her to a darker path, and she had to be mummified alive. So after being awoken, she is filled with hate and vengeance. Now she is going to unleash her wrath on the world, and it is up to Cruise to stop her from destroying the world.

This is the first movie in the Universal Monsters shared the universe. The film’s tagline is, “Welcome to a New World of Gods and Monsters”. If this movie turns out to be great, we can expect more movies that’ll come up like the Wolf man, Van Helsing, Frankenstein. There could be a possibility that at one point we could see Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Crowe and Javier Bardem all together in a movie because of this shared universe. This film will be the first mummy movie in the Mummy franchise in which the mummy is a woman.

According to the launched trailers, Tom Cruise’s character does not seem to be the ideal good guy type. It seems like he was a bad guy but the turn in events forced him to do some good things. This is exactly what we, the audience need, something that isn’t by the book but the things that people would do if situations like that actually happened, this movie doesn’t compulsorily have to end happily, and everything has to be authentic and satisfying. Even the character played by Annabelle Wallis (Jenny Halsey) isn’t like one of the bookworm version in almost all the mummy movies, but she works for cultural heritage.

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The Director, Alex Kurtzman mentioned in an interview that Jenny Halsey has a secret that is incredibly significant in the story that will be revealed in the movie. He also suggested that she might not be entirely what she says she is. There’s also a little bit of mystery in character Dr.Jekyll (played by Russell Crowe). It seems that he’s the head of the Prodigium, an organization that deals with monsters and mystical beings in the Universal Monster Universe and that’s all we know so far.

Whenever a movie or a series is being rebooted there are a whole lot of things that goes on. It shouldn’t be exactly like the old ones or that it definitely shouldn’t be a rip-off. Some new ingredients are to be added like a little bit of horror, mixed with lots of action and adventure with a tinge of suspense. So far from the trailers, this seems to be packed with all of the above, and all we can do is wait till June 9th for the results. Something tells us that this is going to be the beginning of an amazing journey.

Director:  Alex Kurtzman

Writers:  Jon Spaihts, Christopher McQuarrie

Main Cast:  Tom Cruise (Tyler Colt), Sofia Boutella (Princess Ahmanet ), Annabelle Wallis (Jenny Halsey), Russell Crowe (Dr.Jekyll), Jake Johnson (Sgt. Vail)

The Mummy Official Trailer One

The Mummy Official Trailer Two