In the last episode of Kasam, we had seen that Rishi goes back to his room wondering that where was Tanuja. He then gets a letter written by Tanuja and felt emotional. He reads the letter in which Tanuja had written that she was leaving him and home. Tanuja writes that she can’t be with him at this stage and will never come back to him. She promised in the letter that she will not talk to him after that.

Rishi cries badly missing Tanuja and stare the letter. He falls down and was shattered. On the other side, Tanuja recalls all the past moments which she had to spend with Rishi. She recalls how did she get married to Rishi in their childhood. Then she wakes up and goes to the temple. She says to the goddess that she had recalled all the moments.

She gets glad and says that she came to know about her past. Tanuja tells that she recalls how she gets in Rishi’s love. She recalls that she was Tannu and takes a rebirth to be with Rishi. She says that she was feeling much happy while thinking about that all. She recalls that how she saved Rishi’s life and gets hit by the bullet.

She also recalls her promise she made with Rishi that she will come back to him as a savior. She recalls everything and tells about the same to the temple lady. The temple lady also gets glad ad tells Tanuja that it was a miracle. On the other side, Rishi gets restless and was unable to sleep. The temple lady tells everything to Tanuja and says that she have to face the situation with much strength.

Her connection with Rishi will be bad for Rishi but Rishi can only be safe with her. Tanuja thinks on at this.

In today’s episode of Kasam, we are going to see that Rishi will talk to Rano and Rano will ask him to give divorce to Tanuja. Rishi will get shocked at this and thinks on. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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