The last episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Anika, Om, and Rudra going to a resort where Tia was enjoying with Robin in swimming pool. They all three gets shocked to see something and the episode then turns before to Anika listening to Tia talking to someone and leaving for somewhere. Her bag then falls and Anika sees the resort template in her bag. She asks her that where was she going but Tia scolds her. She is about to slap her but Anika stops her.

Tia leaves and Anika says that I will get her truth out. Sahil’s stick gets fall and Shivaye holds him. Tia talks to her mom and tries to convince her. She says that she will go and meet her husband. Anika asks Rudra to follow Tia. Rudra and Om get agree and they leave with Anika. Sahil was eating food from tiffin and says that he was eating the food in school this time. Shivaye takes Sahil along to somewhere.

Tia sees Anika, Rudra and Om following her. Shivaye makes chocolate fudge for Sahil and recalls Anika hugging her getting scared from the dark. Shivaye asks about Chutki and thinks on. Rudra, Om, and Anika see her car and Anika tells about the resort. Rudra asks them to search Gps. They all three then go to the resort’s swimming pool. Tia and Roin were enjoying in the pool.

Tia sees them all three there and Tia asks Robin to go. Tia, Rudra, and Om see Tia alone in the pool and thinks on. Tia lies and says that she just came to chill herself here. Tia then searches Robin and she gets shocked to see Robin dead. Rudra, Anika, and Om tries to tell Shivaye about Tia. Shivaye questions Anika about the secret. Anika was frustrated and tells the truth to Shivaye. Shivaye scolds Anika and asks her to apologize to Tia.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Anika will ask Shivaye that why he was so frustrated with her and ask him to tell. Shivaye will tell her about Daksh and will blame her that she had spent a night with Daksh. He will blame her for taking money from Daksh to spend a night with him. Anika will get angry by this and will about to slap Shivaye but Shivaye stops her and gets angry. Now it will be interesting to see that did Anika will prove herself right or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Ishqbaaz like this.

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